An easy-to-use test case generation package that will determine which combinations of factors and their settings need to be tested to provide complete coverage of all two-way combinations in far fewer cases than exhaustive testing. This combinatorial optimization software has broad application to any company needing to test the combinations of many qualitative factors each having many possible settings.

PRO-TEST FEATURES: (using High Throughput Testing for pairwise combinations)

 - Generate all possible Test Case combinations

 - Routinely saves on your number of test cases by as much as 50%

 - Data from Previous Test can be introduced in Test Case Generation

 - Data can be exported to a variety of formats such as XML, HTML, Excel worksheet, comma
   and space delimited.  You must provide the app format such as a web browser for HTML.

  with 6 factors at 4 levels each, there are 4096 All Possible Combinations while only 23 Test Cases using the Pairwise  Combinations generated by PRO-TEST.

PRODUCT DEMO:  To download a trial version, click here.

VOLUME PRICING:  (shipping is extra)

        1-4 copies    $399.00 each

      5-10 copies    $360.00 each

    11-20 copies    $340.00 each

    21+ copies      $299.00 each


     Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP PRO, XP HOME, Vista, or Windows 7

     64 MB RAM

     10 MB of available hard drive space

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