Understanding Industrial Designed Experiments

Authors: Stephen R. Schmidt and Robert G. Launsby ISBN: 1-880156-03-2 Includes the following software: DOE KISS (Student Ver.), FactSim, and AirSim

Understanding Industrial Designed Experiments

This text is the first to successfully blend Taguchi and Classical techniques of Experimental Design into a new and powerful approach that is proven to yield high return on investment in the industrial arena. It incorporates traditional topics along with creative ways to implement and communicate statistics without mathematical complexity.

Topics include: Full and Fractional Factorials, Plackett-Burman, Taguchi, Box-Behnken, CCD, and Robust Designs; Rules of Thumb for Design Selection, Sample Size, Analysis, and Tests for Confirmation.

There are 279 pages of case studies from a variety of industries. The first two chapters (125 pages) are an excellent overview with emphasis on proper planning, variance reduction, modeling, and statistical simplicity. Subsequent chapters provide more depth on design types such as objectives and advantages/disadvantages. Analysis strategies include simple graphs, normal probability plots, ANOVA, regression, and response surface methods aimed at optimizing the average response and minimizing variation.

Contents Include:

  • Foundations and Motivation
  • Conducting Simple Experimental Designs and Analysis Design Types
  • Statistical Techniques (ANOVA and Regression)
  • Design Evaluation (graphically and statistically)
  • Variance Reduction and Robustness
  • Taguchi Philosophy, Design, and Analysis
  • Optimization and Response Surface Methods
  • Case Studies
  • Rules of Thumb

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