Ebook - Design for Six Sigma: The Tool Guide for Practitioners


Ebook - Design for Six Sigma: The Tool Guide for Practitioners

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Whether you are just starting your DFSS journey or you are a seasoned practitioner, this book will be useful in many ways.  While in training, the book is an encyclopedia of many of the tools you’ll study.  Beyond the classroom it’s a helpful refresher as you apply the DFSS process.  The front and back inside covers provide a handy DFSS tools usage matrix that maps tools to tasks within the DFSS IDOV process.

  • Learn the IDOV methodology along with important milestones and tollgate questions.
  • Read comprehensive descriptions of key DFSS tools and find out why each tool is important and how and where it is used.
  • Sharpen your understanding of DFSS tools applications with clear examples and illustrations.
  • Find the tools you need quickly and easily with multiple cross-references and fold-out matrices.


        Introduction to Design for Six Sigma

        Introduction to DFSS Software Described in This Book

        Chapter Overviews - Identify, Design, Optimize, Validate

        DFSS Tools

        DFSS Best Practices and Trends

        DFSS Roadmap and Tollgates

        Glossary, Bibliography, and Index


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"The use of the Design for Six Sigma IDOV methodology is the next logical step for maturity in organizations that are committed to logical, methodical problem solving and prevention. Creating and simulating robust designs during the development process ensures products that match customer expectations, launch on time, and demonstrate superior performance in the field. Design for Six Sigma: The Tool guide for Practitioners provides an excellent foundation for creating optimal products and processes right from the start."

Russell W. Ford
President and CEO
Prestolite Electric, Inc.

"Lisa Reagan and Mark Kiemele bring complex DFSS techniques and tools together into a practical, easy-to-use, and streamlined reference guide. They outline a keep it simple statistically methodology that engineers and other practitioners can use in their day-to-day activities to identify, define, optimize, and validate both simple and complex engineering and manufacturing problems."

Chuck Roe
Deployment Leader and Manager
Six Sigma & Engineering Methods
Research & Engineering
General Dynamics Land Systems

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