Basic Statistics – Tools for Continuous Improvement


Authors: Mark J. Kiemele, Stephen R. Schmidt, and Ronald J. Berdine

ISBN: 1-880156-06-7



This text provides a refreshingly new approach to applying statistical tools for moving up the quality improvement ladder. It’s emphasis is on “statistical thinking” for transforming data into information. Examples and case studies span manufacturing, service, software, government, and health care industries.

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Numerous practitioners contributed to this text which is recommended for use at the college level and within industry. This is a unique book in that it covers total quality, basic graphical and statistical tools, statistical process control (SPC), design of experiments (DOE), quality function deployment (QFD), and reliability. It also serves as an excellent reference for those who must demonstrate proficiency in statistical applications for QS 9000.

Contents Include:

  • The Art of “Statistical Thinking”
  • Motivation and Need for Statistics
  • Concept of Variation and Cost of Poor Quality
  • Making Sense Out of Data Using Graphical and Measurement Tools
  • Probability and Sampling Distributions
  • Confidence Interval Estimation
  • Determining Sample Size
  • Hypothesis Testing: A Common Sense Approach, The Statistical Methodology
  • Regression Analysis: A Step-by-Step Approach to Historical Data Analysis
  • Design of Experiments: Rules of Thumb for Design Selection
  • Control Charts: A Common Sense Approach, The Statistical Methodology
  • Keeping Score on Your Processes: Process Capability
  • Gage Capability Studies
  • Reliability, Failure Rates, and Redundancy
  • Quality Function Deployment
  • Rules of Thumb to Bypass Rigorous Statistics

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