Putting Cup with Flag for StataPUTT™


Each StataPUTT™ comes equipped with all required working parts including pin, inclinometer and weight for pullback arm. Replacement parts or enhancement parts (putting cup with flag) are priced below.

$ 14.95 Putting Cup with Flag

The StataPUTT™ is the newest member of the Air Academy Associates family.  Like its counterpart the Statapult®Catapult, the StataPUTT™ can be used for designed experiments, control charts, basic statistics, statistical process control, and cause and effect training. It is great for team exercises and for applying statistical methods to real problems. It makes training fun! Comes with a manual of suggestions for classroom use.


-Variance Reduction

-Cause and Effect

-Statistical Process Control (SPC)

-Control Charts

-Design of Experiments (DOE)


StataPUTT™ is a registered trademark of Air Academy Associates.