Simplified Triz


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New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals, Second Edition 2nd Edition

This completely revised and updated second edition continues to demystify TRIZ, the internationally acclaimed problem solving technique. It demonstrates how TRIZ can be used to enhance Six Sigma, CM, SCM, QFD, and Taguchi methods. In addition to numerous exercises, worksheets, and tables that further illustrate the concepts of this multinational method, this indispensable volume―

• Presents a new model for problem solving based on four TRIZ tenets ― contradiction, resources, ideality, and patterns of evolution ― simplified for better understanding and application

• Shows you how to maximize your current technology investment by combining technology with TRIZ

• Illustrates how both small and large companies are using TRIZ and achieving significant results

• Provides clarification of how the patterns of evolution allow not only “what-if” scenarios, but real forecasts with significant accuracy.

With the valuable tools described within these pages you will be able to find innovative solutions to problems, understand the evolution of systems, and develop more ideas, faster.