INsourcing Innovation

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Authors: David Silverstein, Neil DeCarlo, Michael Slocum (1st edition)

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Insourcing Innovation provides a groundbreaking, compelling framework for building innovation capability within an organization. Through the structured methodology called “TRIZ” (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), the advent of innovation can be as commonplace as the drive for continuous improvement.

Part One:

  • Interrupting Innovation Inertia
  • Winning the Innovation Race
  • Evolution of a Big Idea
  • Structured Innovation is Here
  • The Further Rise of TRIZ

Part Two:

  • Resolving Problematic Contradictions
  • A World of TRIZ
  • The Enemy is Psychological Inertia
  • The Mighty Russian
  • Backward from Perfect
  • All the Resources
  • Build a Model, and the Rest Comes
  • The Basis of Analogical Thought
  • Contradiction As a Path to Perfection
  • The Power of Guided Convergence
  • The Case of the Containers

Part Three:

  • Crafting an Innovation Roadmap
  • Evolution Won’t be Denied
  • Mapping Your Maturity
  • The Eight Patterns Described
  • The Evolution of Six Sigma

Part Four:

  • Enveloping Total Performance
  • A Simple Construct of Business
  • The Grand Unification of Business
  • Underpinnings of Total Performance
  • The Cycle of Excellence