The Statapult® Catapult


The Statapult® Catapult Training Aid

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Each Statapult® Catapult comes equipped with all required working parts for single cup operaton and two balls and two rubber bands. Replacement parts or enhancement parts (i.e., double cup launcher) are priced as shown below.

Made in the USA

$260.00 single cup fully functional Statapult® Catapult with two balls and two bands (Discount available with volume purchase)
$ 38.95 double cup launcher (enhancement, sold separately)
$ 33.95 replacement arm with single cup
$ 17.95 replacement single cup
$ 17.95 rubber bands pkg of 6
$ 16.95 smash balls pkg of 6
$ 4.95 eyebolt, each
$ 3.95 pointers, each
$ 4.95 pin, each

The Statapult® Catapult is used by hundreds of companies and universities for designed experiments, control charts, basic statistics, statistical process control, and cause and effect training. It is great for team exercises and for applying statistical methods to real problems. It makes training fun! Comes with an e-version pamphlet of suggestions for classroom use.


-Supports up to seven factors at two or more levels for experimental design
-Supports both continuous and categorical factors
-Robust designs can be practiced using ball type as a noise factor
-Can be used to teach Variance reduction through process flow and cause and effect diagrams with CNX
-Can be used for hypothesis testing, multiple regression modeling, and control charting
-With the double cup launcher, can be used to measure gage capability
-Extremely powerful for teaching design of experiments

Download the Statapult User Guide

Statapult® Catapult is a registered trademark of Air Academy Associates.


How helpful is a six sigma catapult when I undergo lean six sigma training?

Lean six sigma courses are all about improvement. A tool like a six sigma catapult can help you determine process capability by comparing it to the customer-supplied specification, also called a target value.

The target value should be set at an acceptable value to the customer. With the six sigma catapult, you can measure this capability in your process. The more deviation your process has, the more improvements are needed.

What precisely are Lean and Six Sigma tools?

As a support for Six Sigma and other process improvement initiatives, Six Sigma tools are problem-solving tools. The Six Sigma expert uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to promote process improvement.

What significance does the name Six Sigma hold?

The word “sigma,” which describes the standard deviation of a data collection, is where the name “six sigma” originates. Before the procedure fails, it is estimated that there will be six such variances. Only 3.4% of one million process events result in a fault when a process reaches Six Sigma.


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