Knowledge Based Management, 2nd edition


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Authors: Mark J. Kiemele, Richard C. Murrow, and Lee R. Pollock

ISBN-13: 978-1-880156-08-7

In the second edition of this classic text, Air Academy Associates expands on the simple but fundamental concept that the right kind of knowledge delivers performance improvement and provides readers with the best available strategies and methods to help their organizations become and remain competitive. The emphasis is on learning how to gain knowledge about processes, products, and people to enable:

-The delivery of value to customers
-Enhancement of the top and bottom lines of the business
-Building of intellectual capital
-Moving the culture to one of structured innovation

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The Questions Leaders Need to Answer and Questions Leaders Need to Ask provide a framework for defining the customer need, identifying the method to meet the need, and successfully applying the method to satisfy the need. New chapters are devoted to Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma as they represent the best knowledge generating strategies available today. The final chapter introduces Air Academy’s Competitive Excellence model and shows why a systematic and simple approach to innovation is necessary for the sustained economic viability of any enterprise.

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